The day before I left for San Diego Comic Con, I shared a bit of art by the amazing Joshua Middleton, but little did I know that I would get the chance to meet the man himself!

Below is a sketch he drew for me of the character Adam from Steven T. Seagle and Becky Cloonan’s American Virgin (Vertigo Comics).  Joshua’s site is here and you can learn about American Virgin here.  This is the cover that Joshua drew that made me fall in love with the character. Of course, once I read an issue I fell in love with Becky Cloonan’s drawings of him as well!  Go get American Virgin from your local comic book dealer!

Thing is, I used that cover as a focus for a story I was writing in graduate school since he somewhat resembled the main protagonist.  I must have stared at that image on my wall for at least two years (I bought two copies of the comic and ripped off the cover of one to hang up)!  So, it is a great treasure to have an original drawing of the character who inspired so many late night writing sessions!

Thanks, Joshua for an amazing sketch!

Look at those soulful eyes!  This is a character who obviously thinks deep thoughts (and has great hair to go with a big brain).