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Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Marvelman


The saga of Marvelman/Miracleman is long and sordid.  It’s wrought with a tangle of creator’s rights, licensing rights and lots of wrongs.  However, I’m choosing to focus on the beauty that was the artistic involvement of Barry Windsor-Smith with this character.  Compare the image above of Young Marvelman with the sketch below.  The design is deceptively simple, but solid in execution.


Yay!  Parades!


Marvelman looks amazing in this sketch from 2000.  I am totally wowed by the shading.


Standing tall and looking a mite serious, Marvelman pops right out of this blue background.


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  1. Tristan Leder

    This is absolutely beautiful. And by Buckingham do they mean “Fables Buckingham?”

  2. I think they are beautiful too! And yes, that is the Mark Buckingham you know and love from Fables!

  3. SeaMan

    I hope Marvel reboots this in a good way. I read all these issues as they came out waaay back in the day and I was hooked. But then….nothing.

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