This San Diego Comic Con, I had the amazing fortune to work at the super cool Booth #2207 featuring the critically acclaimed talented trio of artists Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and Dave Bullock!  As you can see at that link, Cooke, Stewart and Bullock all had amazing art books for sale at the booth and an incredible host of all-star talent coming to the booth for signings.

iFanboy‘s bio of Dave hits all the high notes:

“Animation Director DAVID BULLOCK (credits include the lauded film adaptation of Eisner-winning graphic novel The New Frontier, and the upcoming feature Star Wars: The Clone Wars) announces the release of BULLOCK- ART WORKS, his first-ever art book at Comicon. The book contains a selection of David’s original, creator-owned artwork, as well as character designs and development art from his work as an animation director, and traditional comic book and pin-up art.”

All the images I’m showing in this post are from BULLOCK- ART WORKS.

Be sure to check out the upcoming Age of the Sentry mini-series which will feature covers by Dave!  The series is written by Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin and drawn by Nick Dragotta and Colleen Coover!

The highly kinetic cover to BULLOCK- ART WORKS features a kick-ass Robin!  Check out those treads!

Dave draws a gorgeous rendition of Blackfire, Starfire’s ne’erdowell sister from Teen Titans Go!

And finally, I present my favorite image from the book!  Bullock’s Batman is rendered beautifully as he jumps from rooftop to rooftop.