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Storm Sunday: Greg Hinkle

Mistress of the Storm, Ororo Munroe by Greg Hinkle

Today I am thrilled to present original art of Storm by the talented Greg Hinkle!  (Click on the artwork to see it in all of its gigantic scanned glory!)  This image is bursting with energy as well as an amazing color palette (look at texture of those clouds)!  I love the liberties Greg took with Storm’s costume (the gold bracelets and the hoop earrings have been worn by Storm before, but not usually in conjunction with this outfit).  Stylistically combining cartoon illustration (look at Storm’s hands) with realistic attention to detail (check out the seams on those jeans), Hinkle’s art reminds me of Jim Mahfood and Tom Fowler.

Greg is a fellow member of Writers Old Fashioned and recently had his first art show last night, celebrating his inimitable drawings for Beard Month!  Have you ever seen a moebius beard?  Do you know what happens to a beard when its owner dies?  Have you ever wondered what members of the Justice League would look like with facial fur?  I think his bearded Magneto is genius (and quite believable as well!).  Are you now convinced that you need to purchase his limited edition Beard Month 2010: Volume 1 book?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Greg’s first mini-comic Granpa, Tell Me A Story, which can also be ordered from the creator himself.  This expressive short story shows the impact a story can really have when one lets the art speak for itself instead of relying on words to get its themes across.  The main character is quite likable and there is a real sense of time and growth in his recounting of a tale from his youth for his grandson.  And there’s motorcycles.

Stalk Greg on Twitter!  Check out his online portfolio!


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  1. Ken Kneisel

    WOW! That is amazing! The colors alone are simply spectacular!

  2. Ingonyama

    As much as I complain about Storm’s mohawk, this is one of the depictions I don’t mind. It’s still free-flowing and feels natural, not flopping to one side or the other like a dead thing or standing straight upright like some dinosaur’s fin. It still feels like Storm’s hair, just in a different style.

    The accoutrements really help sell the outfit, too. They provide just enough color to touch up Ororo’s costume and relieve the unrelenting black (something i wish the original suit had done now and again) without taking away from the edginess of the total look.

    I could see Marvel doing an animated series with this art style…in fact, I think I’d be a devout follower. ^_^

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