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STORM Poetry: The Dancer

The Dancer

Glided between heavy
steel. Vinyl
guardians caressed and
measured me–
plastic effigy
photographically rendered.
Quickly ascended
onto catwalk of cool
shadowblack marble.
Gesturing, hopeful
as in films of
time-lapsed rose,
grown by magic
spell and warmed by
the spotlight,
colors that swirled with
salacious scent.
Gogoboys, their
tilting hips and
thighs speckled by
prickpoints from the
leached the limelight.
Throngs of roundawaygirls
swayed, concealed the
deejay. I cruised
the swarm, beckoned by bassbeat,
breathing in deeply
the beryl heat.
With moonbeams piercing
drifts of dry ice
watched the manic
march of baseball
hats, the iridescent
fire of dragqueens,
drained boxer shorts,
high-stacked heels. Then
dervish pantomimes,
liquid ebb and
flow of heaving
bodies. I longed to
grasp, to wrap around
the warmth and sweat,
twist, give
in to lust and
every rising
Yet in hasty
ardent stride, as
one models in lines
form mirroring form;
strutted from the
many-limbed beast that
suddenly encompassed
me, spurned the steaming
union that I dreamed.
Dashed from
the floor somehow;
somehow escaped the
teeming scene.


STORM’s Dark Heart Art: Defender, Distortion & Cacophony


Dr. Strange by Franchesco


  1. You create a thought provoking image..the line structue adds to the overall impact of the poem.

  2. smart poem!

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