Dark Hearts Defender

This Thursday March 4th, 2010 is Divisadero Artwalk!  It’s always a grand time seeing all the folks visiting all of the businesses along Divisadero Corridor.  If you missed out on Swankety Swank’s Dark heARTs event, you still have a chance to experience the art that graces the walls!  Many of the pieces are reasonably priced (including mine).

Among the pieces on view at Swankety Swank are six paintings by yours truly.  The above piece is titled “Dark Hearts Defender” and features an Angel action figure crucified to the painting.  My paintings start as collages, composed of images I find interesting and then painted over multiple times.  I enjoy this process because I am fascinated with texture and I never know what images will still be seen when the painting is finished.  I used oil paint, oil crayons, stencils, and spray paint to achieve the final look of “Dark Hearts Defender.”  This piece is a 30″ across and 24″ tall masonite board with a hanging frame attached to the back.  Click on any of the images in this post for a larger view.


Sometimes my process takes me to dark places.   I was listening to Nine Inch Nails’ “Pretty Hate Machine” album while spraypainting on handfuls of actual nails and screws on the painting.  After I sprayed the nails, I lifted the painting and let the nails and screws slide down the board, leaving trails through the paint.  This is my favorite from this set as I am happy with how the light has to fight through the darkness.  It makes the images that can be seen all the more special.  This piece is titled “Distortion” and is 30″ x 24″.

Hearts A'Flutter

“Hearts A’Flutter” has a more joyful appearance, but contains images of super-heroes fighting (Mary Marvel is in the upper right corner battling a giant robot hand as it attempts to crush her; Below her to the middle right is the Red Bee wrestling a shark!).  This whole painting was originally covered in superhero collage images.  Then I painted around and over the images with oil paint.  Next, I placed tarot cards over the areas I thought worked best.  Then I spray painted over them, blacking out the rest of the board.  I used heart stencils to cover the black areas to make it look like the hearts were consuming the images.  I limited my color palette to red, black and silver at this point.  Dimensions: 30″ x 24″ on masonite board.


“Cacophony” was approached in a similar manner to “Distortion,” but I used silver spray paint over the black and left more images viewable.  That’s Airboy smack dab in the middle.  I had a lot of fun using the stacks of nails to create a visual representing conflict.  This painting has more texture areas than some of the other pieces due to a thicker application of oil paint.  Its dimensions are also 30″ x 24″ on masonite board.

La Charme

This piece, titled “La Charme,” has undergone many transformations before it settled on its final form.  I was interested in building up texture with collage and found objects (a combination of glitter, plastic gems and false eyelashes) before I painted the piece with nail polish and acrylic paint.  I imitated Jackson Pollock‘s process with the nail polish and applied the acrylic in washes.  This painting is 12″ x 12″ on stretched canvas and the heart centerpiece was added near the end of the process.  I was interested in creating the illusion of a heart shaped confectionery with the same appeal of a small cake.

8 of Hearts

I explored my intention of creating a confectionery illusion as a painting much more with this piece, titled “8 of Hearts.”  The small cakes were originally sponges cut into the shape of hearts and red acrylic paint was applied generously on top of them.  This was after I glued them around the found objects already on the painting (there’s Snow White and Dollywood magnets, plastic gems and the metal balls from nail polish bottles embedded in the piece).  Candy sprinkles were added after I sprayed a layer of lacquer over the red paint and then sealed with lacquer as well.  The red heart cakes are about an inch thick.  Like “La Charme”, this piece went through many iterations before it became the mostly pink, white and red painting you see now.  It is also 12″ x 12″ on stretched canvas.

All of these pieces can be viewed in person at Swankety Swank (289 Divisadero St, between Haight & Page) and are for sale at very reasonable prices.