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Storm Sunday (San Diego Comic Con 2008 Spotlight): Cameron Stewart

This San Diego Comic Con, I had the amazing fortune to work at the super cool Booth #2207 featuring the critically acclaimed talented trio of artists Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and Dave Bullock! As you can see at that link, Cooke, Stewart and Bullock all had amazing art books for sale at the booth and an incredible host of all-star talent coming to the booth for signings.

iFanboy‘s describes Cameron Stewart’s art book as “a 48-page, vibrantly colorful hardback collection of unpublished and never-before-seen pin-up illustrations, many created specifically for this edition. Also available will be WARM-UPS, Cameron’s 2008 Sketchbook (softcover,black and white), a mix of complete illustrations and rough process drawings further showcasing his single-track obsession with cute females.” You can purchase the artbook here!  Just scroll down until you see the cover I have reproduced in the middle of this post.

The first volume of The Apocalypstix, written by Ray Fawkes, illustrated by Cameron and published by Oni Press is now available!  Get your copy today!  Also, keep an eye out for Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye by Stewart and written by Grant Morrison.  Check out Cameron Stewart’s site here and stalk him on MySpace here.  Read the Wikipedia entry on him here and learn all about his Eisner-nominated series The Other Side he created with writer Jason Aaron.

Cameron drew this GORGEOUS rendering of punk rock mohawk Storm on the last day of Comic Con in spite of being exhausted and overworked.  I am forever grateful to him for this piece which is a scintillating gem in my collection of Storm drawings.  I love the soft yet powerful eyes of Ororo in this drawing.  The details of light on her nose and collar studs are great touches.  What about those perfect lips?! And that mohawk is beautiful!  I’ve simply run out of adjectives to adequately describe how happy this artwork makes me.  Thanks, Cameron!

This is the cover of the artbook you need to purchase here.

One of my favorite images from the aforementioned artbook.  I love how Cameron is able to give his women a streetwise flair for fashion.


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  1. Dave

    That really is a great rendition of Storm by Cameron. I love the eyes as well. Thanks for sharing!

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