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Wolverine Wednesday: Paul Abrams

I recently featured Paul Abrams on a Storm Sunday highlighting his amazing pencils of our most esteemed Weather Goddess.  He also does a great rendition of Wolverine!
Wolverine by Paul Abrams

Cleans up well, doesn’t he?  I almost forgot Logan could be handsome.  Now go check out Abrams’ berserker version, suited up, haunted, smoking, angryinked, and trading card versions of Wolvie!  Buy something from the man!   And while you’re at it, make Paul Abrams his own wikipedia page!  ‘Nuff said!


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  1. Ingonyama

    I used to have the biggest crush on Wolverine. Lemme correct that: Wolverine, the growly snarly berserker, does nothing for me. I like Logan, the conflicted, complicated, honorable man, who can go bareass naked or in formal Japanese clothing, train the junior league of X-Men or hang out on a rooftop with Gambit or Storm, and still be the same guy at heart. I always felt John Romita Jr. and Paul Smith really captured the complex Logan best, but honorable mentions have to go out to Byrne for actually drawing him under the mask, and now to this guy because…DAYUM.

    Unfortunately, most everyone who works at Marvel seems too invested in the snarly, generic badass who can’t say two words without flecks of spittle flying from his teeth. I want my complex Logan back…

    Anyway, this guy does some wonderful work on Logan’s many moods, and yeah, I’m crushing on him again. ^_^

  2. Oh Ingonyama, your comments are totally reflective of the thoughts in my head! Many thanks for articulating all of the things I wish I could have said when I posted this art! Truly, thou art most erudite and emotionally spot on regarding the X-Men as I understand them!

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