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Storm Sunday: “…I Have Total Control Over My Abilities…”

Before I comment on today’s featured artwork, I would like to take a moment and thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to read this blog! Whether you are a Facebook friend, a Twitter follower, or a diehard X-Men fan, I appreciate you stopping by! I especially would like to thank those of you who take the the time to leave comments! Thank you to Ken Kneisel, Cynjon, Akeeko, Astra, Scarlett, Ted, Ingonyama, Phil Green, Jake Fritch, Emily Stackhouse, Ryan Haupt, Gregorio, Jeysu, DAX!, Cassandra, Norah, Aaron Frey, David Salomon, CHUNK, Diego Gomez, Kevin Patterson, Juba Kalamka, Mrs. Finney, Afghanant, Yabette, CGeezy, Greg, Cosmic Falcon, Simonn, Wubing, Richard MacKinnon and anyone else who I am forgetting! Your interaction with stormantic means a lot to me!

That said, let’s reminisce about the All New, All Different X-Men, back when the new characters were still mysterious and fresh!


It is strange to me to “hear” Storm calling someone a “fool,” especially Colossus, but she was quick to judge Piotr’s actions in this page’s first panel from Giant Size X-Men #1.    I like to think that since all life is precious to Storm and she thinks Colossus is being rash that she couldn’t help but call him a fool in a mothering kind of way.  It’s cool to see Thunderbird and Cyclops team up because I like how Thunderbird is having the same negative thoughts about their situation except he’s actually stating his misgivings while Cyclops keeps them to himself.  I really liked Thunderbird and his death had a big impact on me when I read these stories as reprints in Classic X-Men.  Artwork by Dave Cockrum.


Unlike the original 5 students of Xavier’s the new crew already know how to use their powers, needing little in the way of training.  Working together as a team, well that’s another story.  I love this page from Uncanny X-Men #98 because it shows the reader that Storm is quite capable of utilizing her powers in amazing and effective ways.  “…I have total control over my abilities…'” she tells Cyclops after she wreaks havoc on a Sentinel.  I miss seeing Storm portrayed like she is in panel 4, with her hair and cape flowing upwards.   And just like the page before, this one ends with Cyclops freaking out.  I never get tired of Cyclops losing his cool.  Artwork by Dave Cockrum.


This is the first page of Marvel Team Up #100 which tells a story from Storm’s past involving the Black Panther.  This is the little tale that rationalized Marvel’s decision to wed Storm to the Black Panther.  Artwork by John Byrne & Bob McLeod.


When Marvel and DC Comics decided to merge their respective universes into one, they created Amalgam Comics.  This issue starred Storm as Wonder Woman and was written and drawn by John Byrne with inks by Terry Austin.  I enjoyed the story which placed Ororo on Paradise Island as a sister to Diana.  It’s worth checking out if you come across it.  I do like the combined visual of Ororo’s trademark cape and Diana’s accoutrements.


Kitty and Storm have a heart to heart–in the sky, naturally–after Storm changes from den mother to punk rocker.  It looks like artists Paul Smith is the artist of this issue of  Uncanny X-Men #180, but it is actually John Romita, Jr. inked by Bob Wiacek.  I remember reading this issue  and realizing I had never read an exchange like this one in a comic book before.  It brought me to tears thinking about the concepts Ororo and Kitty were discussing.  I had only read about identity, change and love like this in novels before.  Interpersonal relationships like this one were what kept me enthralled with the X-Men for a long time.


Stormwatch: Xenogenesis


Wolverine Wednesday: Paul Abrams


  1. Oh wow, I was mentioned. This is fantastic.

  2. I *so* remember that last panel. What was funny was Kitty herself went a little punk-rock not too shortly afterwards…I seem to recall Wolverine making a semi-snarky comment about her “do” and outfit one evening when she was headed out to see a band…Cat’s Laughing, maybe?

  3. Ingonyama

    Thanks for the shout-out! ^_^

    I love that you included that “heart-to-heargument” between Kitty and Ororo after her makeover. It was that conversation…that whole issue…that helped me realize that, even though she had gone through some changes, the woman with the crazy hair, leather gear, and Grace Jones makeup was still the Ororo Munroe I’d come to know and love over the years. From a character standpoint, that moment, and the following one in her new greenhouse, were what sold me on her Mohawk phase (still hate the hairstyle though).

    I just recently read the Storm/Black Panther story for the first time…it’s a fascinating story, and stands alone as a testament to how the drive for revenge can destroy a person if they let them. I can’t say more without spoiling, but in and of itself, it’s a classic Claremont yarn with some beautiful work by Byrne and MacLeod.

    Looking over the older issues, it’s funny…the friction of the new team coming together feels organic, natural. Seeing Ororo…who at the time still considered herself a goddess of life and nature…panic over a foolhardy move by a teammate, feels like something she’d do. (I don’t even think she knew what Piotr’s powers were at this point…it’s not like Xavier or Scott mandated a show-off session!) So her response really strikes me as a knee-jerk “don’t you scare me like that!” response.

    Also, it’s kind of ironic that in Giant-Size, Thunderbird would not shut up, ever. Reading it for the first time, I already knew he was dead 3 issues later, and by UXM #95, I was ready for him to go.

    #98…by now we’re so used to seeing Storm casually blow bad guys, and even Sentinels, around like they’re tissue paper. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough for my tastes, but then I love seeing any of the X-Men take down those tin tyrants. But there’s something special about the first time…And this was fresh off the heels of destroying the N’Garai cairn and taking down a brainwashed (surprise surprise) Polaris in a one-on-one standoff, so it just rounded out a triptych of amazing Storm moments. Dave Cockrum drew an amazing Storm, especially when she let loose, and destroying the Sentinels with a hurricane (and later, a freaking cosmic storm!) was a sight to behold.

  4. @afghanant Of course you were mentioned! I appreciate ALL of my readers! Especially those who take the time to comment!

    @cynjon OMGoddess, Cat’s Laughing! I totally love thinking about that band! So cool!

    @Ingonyama You never cease to amaze me! I LOVE Polaris too! We are of the same mind about her place (past and present) in X-Men continuity! Thunderbird’s death totally surprised me, but then I was a more naive reader when I read it in Classic X-Men. I miss Cosmic Storm, but Dwayne McDuffie touched on it when he had Eternity housed in Ororo’s consciousness in his Fantastic Four run. I loved his run on FF with Ororo & T’Challa! And we’ll have to disagree on the mohawk. I love punk rock style, especially mohawks.

  5. Storm, did you like the one where years later they went back to the spot where Thunderbird died and his brother was trying to get revenge? I remember it because nightcrawler (my favorite) was the leader and was doing a lot of Claremont-style self-doubt monologues about whether he was a good enough leader.

    • I do remember that one, Phil! I think it was a great story. Poor Kurt, always second guessing himself! I really loved Nightcrawler when he came into his own leading Excalibur! And look at Thunderbird’s brother now–a heavy hitter in X-Force!

  6. Great tributes and scans! Just a quick correction: the last page in your post wasn’t done by Paul Smith – that was John Romita Jr, but inked by Bob Wiacek, so there was a continuity with Smith’s work, although I was such a fan of Paul Smith’s that I absolutely hated JRJR at the time.

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