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Stormwatch: Xenogenesis


Oh, yes!  The mohawk is back, baby!  A three-issue Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis mini by Warren Ellis and artist Kaare Andrews debuts in May!  Read all about it on Comic Book Resources!


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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this means the mohawk is back for real, at least for a little while! (and that Storm will be returning to her former badass self…and that Emma *isn’t* the one who bites the big one, come Second Coming….you know, that whole “One Will Die” thang)

  2. Though looking at this more, I have to say I’m only grooving on Armor/Storm/Beast…*maybe* Wolverine. Cyclops is totally not “Slim,” and Emma looks more like Paris Hilton than the White Queen…and about 5’3.

  3. Ken Kneisel

    I am loving Storm’s mohawk AND the big feather earrings AND the skinny belts AND the chunky boots. Very much a callback to that mid to late 80s X-Men flavor I loved so much as a child.

    And what do you think happened to Ororo’s signature gold lightning bolt earrings? Perhaps they were broken just like yours was. Or perhaps she still has them but just doesn’t feel like wearing them right now.

    I couldn’t possibly be more elated that Emma finally ditched that matronly old dowageresque cape and long leather pants look in favor of something more befitting her personality like a white latex peekaboo cutout ensemble more like the one she sported back when Frank Quitely was drawing her, complete with sky high platform disco boots!

    And I haven’t ever really noticed Emma wearing really prominent earrings like that either. If anything you’ll sometimes see her wearing a small little discreet X logo or something like that. I wonder if she got those hoop earrings at the same place Ororo got her feathers? And maybe Hisako got all those piercings while she waited for those two queens to try on every pair in the store! (Unless Hisako already had all those piercings and I just never noticed.)

    I also love Hisako and Logan’s street clothes and Hisako’s streamlined armor along with Cyclops and Beast’s back to basics short sleeve superduds and the black and white color palette across the board.

    And I just now noticed the fingerless gloves on Scott, Emma, Storm and Hisako!

  4. What would I do without you two, Cynjon & Ken? Thanks for making me smile! I know I neglected to give my opinions about the pic, but I’m just so happy to see Storm in something different than that awful bathing suit that I am a bit speechless. Content, even. Thank the Goddess, the X-Men look interesting again!

  5. Nope, thank YOU for making US smile! (I’m taking the liberty of speaking for Ken there)
    Interesting observation on the black and white theme going on there….and a lack of Xs all around, except for possibly on Jubilee…oh, I mean Hisako!

  6. Read this brief interview with Kaare Andrews at Comic Book Resources!

  7. Ingonyama

    Oddly, I’m not wild about this new direction. The overall color scheme is interesting, and some of the new design choices are good, but there are problems.

    All of the girls leave me cold. Hisako looks like a rejected Jubilee design from the Silvestri days, and Emma…I loved Cassaday’s cape and pants combo, and am sad to see it go, especially since this jumpsuit thing is leaving me cold. Plus, platforms and heels are the two worst things for a superheroine to wear if she can’t fly, so unless Emma miraculously gets telekinesis in the near future, I predict broken ankles aplenty. Then there’s the fact that the other characters look at least somewhat “realistic,” but she’s built like Jessica Rabbit…it’s frankly VERY unsettling.

    For the most part, the guys look all right. I like that Hank is finally back to the gorilla look for good! ^_^ Logan pulls off black VERY well, and I always saw him as more of a plainclothes superhero than most. Scott is quite possibly wearing the second best outfit I’ve ever seen his 616 version in, despite still having the condom-head that I’ve NEVER liked. Short sleeves really do wonders for the man.

    Storm…I’m probably about to become very unpopular for saying this, but I never, ever liked Ororo’s mohawk. While I admired the symbolism behind it, and the way her character and personality grew as a result of it, I did not care at all for the hairstyle itself. That said, I did love her wardrobe at the time, and during the period when they were in Australia when her hair was long again but she still wore the leather suit, I thought she was nothing short of stunning. So her outfit, I quite like…though I feel it’d better serve someone like Psylocke, who desperately needs a change after all the years she’s worn her ninja swimsuit, as opposed to Ororo who’s worn plenty of perfectly good, stylish clothes in the past.

    (Incidentally, my bias may be more than a little slight, since my favorite look for Ororo is the Alan Davis ReLoad costume, followed by this streetclothes example:

  8. Ok, this caught me by surprise. All I can say is… HOTT. Love the take on Armor and Storm, though I miss Cyclops’ current costume (which I think is the modern-retro-scifi bomb). I am going to climb all over this mini.

  9. Akeeko

    I am loving Ororo’s new look– (lovin’ the underboobs)and oddly enough I kinda feelin Emma’s too.
    …Ha! Just noticed ‘Ro’s hair is longer than I thought!

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