This San Diego Comic Con, I had the amazing fortune to work at the super cool Booth #2207 featuring the critically acclaimed talented trio of artists Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and Dave Bullock!  As you can see at that link, Cooke, Stewart and Bullock all had amazing art books for sale at the booth and an incredible host of all-star talent coming to the booth for signings.  The images from today’s post are all from Darwyn’s artbook Retroactive, which iFanboy describes as, “a beautiful 48-page collection of selected art produced over the last ten years, from Darwyn’s time as an animation artist through to his current career as a superstar comic book writer/illustrator. The book collects all-new, never-before-published art, rarely-seen material, and some sketchbook pages, with most being finished, full-color illustrations.” 

Besides selling his artbooks and attending signing after signing, Darwyn announced his new project: adapting the “Parker” series crime novels by Donald Westlake (under the pen name Richard Stark) as a series of four full-length graphic novels for IDW Publishing.  IDW’s official press release is hereComic Book Resources and Newsarama (among many, many others) also have more information.

The cover for Retroactive.

Artwork from Justice League: The New Frontier graphic novel.  The cartoon movie adaptation of this work has been nominated for an Emmy!

My favorite image from Retroactive is a scene from Justice League: The New Frontier.  I was very happy to see it represented in the art book!

This image of Green Lantern and Carol Ferris invokes a sense of wonder that I always get when I look at Darwyn Cooke’s work.

You can see a partial bibliography list of Darwyn’s work here.  Dunno how accurate it is since it’s Wikipedia.  I definitely recommend his amazing work on The Spirit, especially the Batman/Spirit one-shot.