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Princess Witch Boy Receives A Faerie Blessing!


My first print run of Princess Witch Boy totaled 200 issues and I sold most of those copies at last year’s Alternative Press Expo.  Tonight I have finished adding the last touches on a second print run of 250.  One hundred and one of those 250 are a special variant batch.  I have used red staples and a cardstock cover on this new run, added spot color on a specific page, and decorated the covers with faerie dust (it’s not just glitter, keep reading).  The result is quite satisfying and I am looking forward to debuting them at the event at Wicked Grounds tomorrow (today, really, but who looks at the time?).
The House of Major Production (that’s me!).  This is how the magick gets done!
spotcolor I colored three panels in the middle of the story with Prismacolor pencils in all of the 101 variant issues.  Pink for the brain, magenta for the heart and yellow for the soul.  Don’t you just love things taken out of context?
Ken Kneisel shows off his stapling skills You gotta have friends.  The generous Mr. Ken Kneisel was kind enough to help me in the production of the second run and stapled all 250 issues for me! Thanks, Ken! (Doesn’t his new haircut by Heather from the Wak Shack look sharp?)
This is where the faerie dust comes in. See, glitter is great, but when combined with the ashes from 8 years of bonfires that took place at a Radical Faerie Sanctuary the energy is so much more potent!   This faerie dust is from the combined 8 batches that I made after attending gatherings with very magickal beings. I danced around all of those fires and I know the intention that went into those times.  This dust is very much a part of my magickal toolbox, like Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation is to him.  It was with a lot of joy and love that I added this dust to my comics.  I want to the energy of those times at the sanctuary to make its way out into the world.  Any more information than that about the sanctuary and I’d be telling secrets. If you need to know more I suggest you do some research on the Radical Faeries.   Please don’t consider me snarky as I am simply being protective of a gentle counter culture.

If glitter is not your thing (I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be, but different strokes, etc)  there are 150 issues without the spot color and faerie dust blessing.   However, they do have cardstock covers and red staples!  I was so excited to find red staples!  How cool is that?

You can order your own copy of the special variant edition of Princess Witch Boy on my Etsy site!


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  1. Love ’em! Great job. They really look magical. You know what else is magical? Ken’s haircut!!! AMAZING! Love.

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