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Storm Sunday: Paul Abrams

Classic Storm by Paul Abrams

The gorgeous image of Storm before you was rendered by the pencils of Paul Abrams.  Somehow both lush and bold, Abrams’ lines depict a Storm who looks like she sat for a portrait but couldn’t help making the winds toss her hair around for dramatic effect.  Serene and sensuous, this Storm is simply amazing.

Storm by Abrams

This beautiful Paul Abrams sketch of Storm is for sale on his site for only $85.00! Now you gracious readers know a great gift idea for Yours Truly! Seriously, you must check out Abrams’ site for more beautiful art that you could have for your very own! Abrams’ has drawn almost character you can think of (And he takes commissions)!

Storm by Paul Abrams

Another gorgeous pencil rendering by Paul Abrams! Check out the level of detail in this drawing! (Click on this image and the ones below for a larger format).

X-Treme Storm by Paul Abrams

X-Treme X-Men Storm looks commanding and regal in this image.  Abrams knows his characters!

Storm by Paul Abrams

An inked version of Classic Storm.

Paul Abrams Classic Storm

And finally, a variation on the image with which I began this post.  Lovely.  Why doesn’t this guy have his own Wikipedia page?


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  1. Ingonyama

    Why has this man not done an X-Men comic yet?

    Seriously, between his Wolverine and his Storm, he’s already got me sold. ^_^

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