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Heroic Tarot: Valentine’s Readings for Couples!

A Hug Before Dying

Ah, love!  What an emotion worth celebrating!  However, this is the time of year in which stores are stacked to the ceiling with pink and red merchandise, reminding people that they must prove their love with material things.  Instead of Walgreen’s teddy bears and hearts of chocolate, why not get you and your loved one a couple’s tarot reading?  I am well versed in handling the concerns of  partnerships of all kinds and would love to do a reading for you and yours.  And if you are not in a partnership this Valentine’s Day, consider getting a reading for yourself!  Exploration of one’s relationship with one’s self is always worth reflection.  Email HeroicTarot*at* to set up an appointment.


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Betsy & Doug = Love
If only Psylocke and Cypher had had a tarot reading.  Then they might have had some insight into their relationship.


It’s Art!  It’s a Gift Certificate!  It’s Art!  It’s a Gift Certificate!

Kickin' the Cowgirl Boots, but not the Cajun.

May true love find you all!


STORM Presents: Heroic Tarot


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  1. Hmn, I’m curious if now that they’re both back from beyond the grave…and residing on the same island…if the past between Doug and Betsy will be addressed. Probably not, I’m guessing.

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