Jim Lee Storm

We kick off today’s rather eclectic Storm Sunday with an image of our weather goddess drawn by Jim Lee.  I chose it because Ororo’s sporting the short cut that Lee gave her after her time as a Genoshan captive.  I adore Lee’s run on the X-Men and I’ve always thought he did right by her, artistically speaking.  Those shoulder engines though? Utterly ridiculous.  I think they were for some space mission, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, love the blue and gold costume, love the short “blonde” waves.

Storm by Brian Hurtt

Brian Hurtt brings the punk rock Storm in a fierce black and white image.  Don’t mess with Ororo, she might cut you!  I love the intensity of emotion in Ororo’s face and her ready to tumble stance.  My only criticism is that her feet are too small in proportion to the rest of her body and the thick boots only draw attention to them.  Other than that, I love this drawing and you might consider checking out Brian’s blog for awesome renditions of characters like Brother Voodoo and John Constantine!

Storm  Animation Cel

I’ve included an animation cel from the 90s X-Men cartoon for nostalgia’s sake.  I used to watch the heck out of this cartoon back then!  I loved how Storm was prone to speech making before she knocked out a bad guy with her weather patterns.  Her voice actors (Iona Morris & Alison Sealy-Smith) were also really amazing.  I wonder how they’ll compare to Jill Scott when she voices Storm for the upcoming Black Panther cartoon!

Bruce Timm Claremont Spoof

I found this parody piece while searching the net for Bruce Timm.  He drew this page for Amazing Heroes #15.  Seems that Chris Claremont tropes have been a source of amusement for far longer than I thought.  Click on this image and the one below to view them larger.

Bruce Timm

Timm also drew this header for the Amazing Heroes news section.  The lineup is a diverse group of characters including (from left to right) Doll Man (in the bottom corner), Sgt. Rock, Blackhawk, Doc Savage, Morbius the Living Vampire, Mr. Fantastic, Archie Andrews, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Cerebus, The Punisher and Black Canary (the only woman present who just happens to be fixated on her nails *rolls eyes*).  What’s interesting is how early this image predates the Archie Meets The Punisher comic!  The above image is from 1982 and the Punisher/Archie crossover took place in 1994!  See you next Sunday!