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Storm Sunday: Franchesco!

Franchesco, X-Women Color

Today’s Storm Sunday would not have been possible without the help of Comics Historian Extraordinaire Ken Kneisel!  Ken forwarded me a link to the Deviant Art site of an artist named Franchesco, and thus was history made!  All I can say about the above image is WOW!  Hellooooo, X-Ladies!  I would like to personally thank Franchesco for putting Storm front and center and surrounding her with all of the women of the X.  I think it is also a very nice gesture that he included Jean Grey by having Storm “holding” the holoempathic crystal ball.  Gone, but not forgotten indeed!  (Click on any image to see them larger)

Franchesco, X-Women B&W

Here’s the black and white version of the same image, showcasing Franchesco’s sleek and ornate lines.  I like what he does with fabric and hair.  Everything seems larger than life, almost fantastical.  There’s not a lot of characterization going on here, it’s more like the X-Women have become glamorous Strepford Wives lined up in a never ending crowd, but he’s got Emma practically bursting at the seams and Rogue seems more than a little bit coy, and that I like.  Besides, I didn’t choose to spotlight Franchesco because I was looking for personality in his depiction of women.  I wanted to share his work because I found it otherworldly in its depiction of beauty.  His aesthetic is strong and you can tell that he enjoys creating his work.  This is a celebration of the super feminine, sparkling like the Fourth of July–Hey!  Where’s Jubilee!  (Grrrr…)
Jean Greys by FranchescoFor you Jean Grey fans, here’s every incarnation to be had!  They’re all screaming for some reason, but it is fun to check them out and name their place within comics continuity.  There’s X-Factor Jean!  Marvel Girl Jean!  Black Queen Jean!  Phoenix Jean!  And so on…

Storm as Phoenix by Franchesco

Speaking of Storm and Jean, Franchesco was the artist for What If? #79, which asked, “What If Storm Had the Power of Phoenix?”   Here’s the cover of that issue by Mike Wieringo.  I like what he did with the tiara to reflect the styles of both Storm & Phoenix.

She-Dragon by Franchesco

Here’s She-Dragon #1 (One-Shot) Written by Erik Larsen and drawn by Franchesco.  The aforementioned Mr. Kneisel remarked to me that she bears more than a passing glance to a certain Wind Rider during the X-Men Asgardian Wars.


There is a definite correlation between the hairstyles and the wings, that is true.  However, I think She-Dragon’s attire was heavily influenced by a certain She Devil (with a sword).

Red Sonja 1

Hello, chain mail bikini!  The above art is by Frank Thorne who is known for popularizing Red Sonja.  She was quite the pin up girl in the 1970s alongside Storm.  Storm & Red Sonja

In fact, check out this image by Dave Cockrum in which Red Sonja & Storm change costumes!  Click on it to read the word balloons.  Dave had a great sense of humor!

Thanks to Ken Kneisel for today’s post suggestion and be sure to check out Franchesco’s Deviant Art page!  He has a lot of amazing art, including Wonder Woman, The Defenders, Teela and his own voluptuous creations!  His site is a lot of fun, too!  Cheers!


Jill Scott To Voice Storm in Black Panther Cartoon


The Schmoo, “The War of Art” and Dolce & Gabbana


  1. First: Three words…Hips Don’t Lie!
    Second: When you posted a little while back about Arthur Adams’ return to the X-Universe, I’d meant to mention that his Asgardian Storm (and THAT image in particular) is potentially my all-time favorite interpretation of her! I spent hours and hours drawing from/based on his visions and images.

  2. stormantic

    Dear Cynjon, I am so happy that you resonate so well with the Adams image I posted! I love it too and that storyline in particular. Whose hips are referencing? Storm’s?

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