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Jill Scott To Voice Storm in Black Panther Cartoon

Jill Scott! The title says it all. The lovely and talented Jill Scott will be voicing the character of Storm in the new BET Black Panther cartoon.  I am excited about this for two reasons.  One, who knew that Storm would be included in the Black Panther cartoon?  It was my understanding that the cartoon would only explore  T’Challa’s story from the beginning  of Reggie Hudlin’s run on the comic.  Two, Jill Scott rocks!  For a lot of reasons.  She a super-hyphenate.  Singer-Poet-Actress and now Voice Actor!  She has  an awesome voice and I look forward to her interpretation of Ororo.  Let’s just pray that she ends up with a good story with which to work!


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  1. I found a few episodes of the series on VodPod and this one features storm for a short time. i was actually kindof worried about Jill Scott’s abilities but honestly, she seems like she’s doing a good job.

    i’m really just glad that someone FINALLY gave her a propper accent.

    OH and storm is part of the opening sequence, so thats always awesome!

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