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Black Widow Ongoing Title Starts In April!

Black Widow 1 (Ongoing)
I couldn’t be more thrilled after reading Comic Book Resources’ article about Black Widow getting her own ongoing series in April!  Just look at the above image by Daniel Acuna (the title’s regular artist)!  Frankly, I could do without the add ons of Iron Man and Wolverine, but I understand Marvel’s using them to push sales and it’s not like they don’t have ties to Natasha.  I’d just like the cover of her first ongoing to just feature her.  And the zipper in her catsuit is bit too low in my humble (prudish) opinion, but at least she’s in her full bodysuit and not wearing butt floss like Ms. Marvel or Storm.

Of course, the push for an ongoing now is due to the Iron Man II movie, but the business reasons don’t matter to me.  It’s time for Natasha to move on up to the ranks of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman and show what she’s made of in her own monthly title!  I have good faith in Marjorie Liu’s ability as a writer and she seems to understand what it takes to write complicated characters.  Have you been reading Dark Wolverine?  Amazing stuff.  I also think Daniel Acuña will do a great job based on his recent work on X-Men: Legacy.

Black Widow #1 Variant

This gorgeous Variant Cover of Black Widow #1 was illustrated by the talented Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic.


Thor Thursday: Walt Simonson


Storm Sunday: Dave Cockrum, Part II

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  1. Ken Kneisel

    I’m super excited for this book! As long as it isn’t $3.99 an issue, I’m all over it.

    Did you ever read Richard K Morgan’s two Black Widow miniseries from a few years back? If not then I would highly recommend them! He made Natasha pretty badass. I was also a big fan of what he did with Yelena Belova, turning the short-lived blonde Black Widow into a lingerie mogul living in Cuba.

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