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Spotlight on John Bolton

Angel versus Wolverine:  Two totally disparate characters who come from completely different backgrounds.  And who are they fighting about?  Jean Grey.  That girl must have pheromone powers that nobody knows about.  Bet you didn’t know that adamantium claws across a telekinetic shield = KREEEK! (Click on images to view them larger).

I’ve already talked elsewhere on this blog about how much I love John Bolton’s realistic style for the X-Men so this time let’s focus on his composition.  He lets the characters define the panel shapes he creates and he isn’t afraid to break the panels for extra dynamism.  The conflict practically bursts from the pages!
Great use of font as part of the action!  Storm shows up to create some distance between the silly boys.  If she hadn’t, Wolverine would have sliced Angel up like a Thanksgiving turkey.  I mean, I love me some Angel (more than any other male Marvel character) but versus Wolvie?  No way he could win.  Side Note:  I like the simple approach Bolton uses to depict rain.
Colossus in the Savage Land!  Even in his unarmored form, he’s a force with which to be reckoned!  Run, dinosaur, run!   As many times as the X-Men have been to the Savage Land, you’d think they’d have built a residence there by now.
A Mesmero mind-controlled Phoenix drops the telepathic whammy on Nightcrawler and Banshee.
Havok and Polaris enjoy a drive with Phoenix flying overheard.  This image and all of those above are from Classic X-Men with their respective issue numbers hand written on their pages.bolton
I’m not sure if this is meant to be Conan or if John Bolton drew another barbarian, but I had to share this image, especially with the tiger in the background!  Breathtakingly epic!


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  1. Storm I’m glad this isn’t a spotlight on George Bush’s ambassador to the UN that guy sucked. I remember this stuff from the Classic reprints. Colossus has a secret kid in the Savage Land, I don’t know if they ever mentioned it again but I know it happened.

    • stormantic

      Yeah, when you do a search on John Bolton, that nasty man from the Bush regime shows up. It is simply gross. I wish the artist John Bolton came up more often! And your memory is correct! Colossus totally has a kid in the Savage Land (and he’s named Peter to boot!)! It would be cool to see that plotline picked up! Guess there’s no contraception in the Savage Land?!

      • Yeah he shouldn’t be such a deadbeat dad, he should make some effort. I’m not sure if he’s currently dead or not but if he’s alive he should at least give a birthday card to Ka-Zar and have him deliver it.

        • stormantic

          I got the impression that Piotr didn’t really clue in on the fact that the kid is his. Even though the child’s name is Peter! I also remember the mom said the child wasn’t his and wouldn’t talk anymore about it. And I know Colossus is dense but really.

  2. Maybe he isn’t the father but she named it after him anyways cause he made a good impression. Storm you and I just earned a no-prize!

    • stormantic

      *laughs* There was a time when the idea of winning a “no prize” was really important to me! I like to think that the child *is* Colossus’s and that one day, when Piotr and Kitty are married, then Nereel will show up with the kid in tow. heh heh.

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