Storm by Dave Cockrum
I was so happy to come across this amazing image of Storm in repose by Dave Cockrum! I think we’re to assume that Dennis Knowles inked it? I love it. It’s more how Storm looked in her first appearances and it’s a look she’s since lost a long time ago.  It’s this iteration of Storm that makes me think of Iman every time I think of Storm.


Dave Cockrum crams as many X-Men as he can in this awesome splash page of Marvel’s Merry Mutants.  I am loving Angel and Banshee’s depictions and the intensity of energy that is flying in all directions from each character.  Click on the images in this post for larger versions.


Storm takes center stage in this page from Marvel Fanfare #3.  Love how Colossus is totally flirting with Ororo in panel 3.  Or at least that’s how it seems to me.  Perhaps your reading elicited a different response.   Storm is totally take charge here, from her first word balloon in the first panel: “Both of you, Relax!”  Love it.  She tells Wolverine to shut up in the most compassionate manner in panel 4.   In the last 2 panels she does her thing and boy is it gorgeous!  I need more scenes like this of Storm in stories being told now.