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OMG PWN!ES: AbraKaZebra!

12nov2009 021
When Kaebel Hashitani invited me to participate in his new art show at Sequential Art Gallery entitled OMG PWN!ES I immediately accepted!   When I was a child I loved to play with my sister’s My Little Ponies. I especially liked the Pegasus named Medley.  The combination of pony with wings plus aqua coloring with music notes on her behind just had me at first sight.  So Kaebel said we could use ponies that they had already and that the artists could do whatever they wanted to modify them for the art show.  I demanded a pegasus pony and Kaebel sent me thiversion of a modern pony called Star Catcher.  I hated it.  Seriously, what was with the flimsy fabric wings?  I also was not into the raised ornamentation–all the curlicues and dots seemed unnecessary to me.  Star Catcher was reissued later with molded wings and although I think they are ridiculously small and strangely positioned, it’s definitely a step up from the thin fabric ones.

So I was stuck with a pony I  really didn’t like aside from the traditional My Little Pony head sculpt.  So what did I do?  I ripped out the wings and twisted off the head.  I took the pony home and ripped the head and hands off of a Star Trek 12″ doll (Chekov) and used epoxy to attach them to the doll.  I also added a “little” something of my own creation.  Then I painted the entire pony man white.  Then the hooves and around the eyes were painted black.  I went through my fabric and inspired by a zebra print to paint black striped on the body and then sewed the zebra fabric to t he joints where the fabric was more likely to flake away.  I found some fur that picked up the pastel colors of the pony’s hair and added them.  Black fur trim around the boots was the final touch.  You can see more pictures of my modified My Little Pony (whom I named AbraKaZebra) at my flickr account.
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PORTLAND, OREGON – For Sequential Art Gallery’s second annual group show, artists from a range of backgrounds have submitted My Little Ponies (and a few very special “fakies”) that have been painted, carved, sculpted, bejeweled, and–well, you’ll see…

With a predominantly female bill of artists, both local and out-of-state, we are excited to bring you these reinterpretations of the popular childhood toy. Artists have had complete freedom in how they modify their pony because this show has absolutely no affiliation with the Hasbro corporation. And yes, we have been accepting “NSFW” submissions. Welcome, fans of all that is cute and twisted!

The show will open during First Thursday on December 3, 6-10p. “OMG PWN!ES” was conceived via Twitter and is being co-curated by Kaebel JK Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery and Indigo Kelleigh of

Sequential Art Gallery + Studio is located in Old Town Chinatown at the Everett Station Lofts, 328 NW Broadway #113. Open for regular gallery hours and gaming every Saturday (11am-5pm) through December 19th or by appointment, with extended holiday hours TBA. The gallery showcases local artists who explore the concept of sequential art, which is loosely defined as using consecutive images to tell a story. Curated by Kaebel JK Hashitani and Merrick Monroe.

Kaebel JK Hashitani + Merrick Monroe, curators
Sequential Art Gallery + Studio
328 NW Broadway #113 • PDX OR 97209
503-916-9293 •

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  1. What are you going to do with the headless Chekhov?

    • stormantic

      I assume you mean what did I do with the head of Chekov since the body is part of the pony doll and the answer is I gave it to my housemate ’cause that’s his favorite Star Trek character!

      • Yeah that’s what I meant, I realized it hours later and felt dumb! I thought maybe you put the Chekhov head on a bird to create a Chekhov harpy.

        • stormantic

          Do you make weird creatures out of toys, Phil? ‘Cause I have pieces of dolls you could have.

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