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Storm Sunday: Halloween Special

Halloween may have been yesterday, but today we take a look at some versions of Storm that definitely celebrate the spirit of the holiday!

storm vampireThis classic Bill Sienkiewicz cover depicts Storm as a thrall to Dracula!  This story was a thrilling read when I was younger.  I could not fathom a way that Storm could reverse the vampiric curse!

Uncanny X-Men 159You actually have to read Uncanny X-Men #159 before you read the Annual.  Brent Anderson drew this stunning cover.  Oh, the horror!


This mini-series featured a Storm from an alternate reality who due to her time in Limbo has lost her natural mutant powers and instead relies on magick.

Magik 1 original cover

This is the original artwork of that same cover by the legendary John Buscema!  What an amazing look from behind the scenes!

Storm_as_The_Witch_(by_Andy_Kubert)I leave you with an Andy Kubert drawn Storm dressed as a witch from the 1996 Fleer trading card set.  Happy Halloween!


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  1. I love the Andy Kubert STORM witch! So cute.

  2. so…speaking of halloween.

    this was my costume:

    …which of course, i made a faux-comic cover of because i had to.

    a look based upon:

    but you knew that already.

    i just wanted to share with someone who might appreciate it.


  3. …side note, the pictures in my comment didnt show up, now its completely out of context.

    PLEASE ignore my comments…..

    i feel like a dumbass.


  4. Jeysu

    Storm is looking real great in the trading card.

  5. Ingonyama

    Wow. I’m looking at the Halloween card and my favorite song of all time, “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, is going through my head. Surprisingly, it fits, though I always saw Jean or Madelyne Pryor as being more like Elphaba. (You’d have to know the story to know what I mean)

    The Storm vs. Dracula stories are some of my favorites in all of comicdom. When I was 13, I found a reprint of the issue in stores, and was immediately enthralled. “The X-Men vs. Dracula!” is a teenage boy’s dream, if that teenage boy also happens to be a fan of both super-heroes and the super-natural. The story was fascinating and probably the most mature I had read up until then, dealing with themes of sexuality, manipulation, and predetermination that still resonate with me to this day. Sienkiewicz draws probably the most visually striking Storm I saw during the ’80s, and gives Dracula the perfect mix of Tony Stark’s good looks and Doom’s twisted, classy sadism. He’s written almost as a prototypical Mr. Sinister, able to effortlessly win against the team in straight combat but preferring the more challenging battle of wits and wills.

    I really, really want to read the Magik series.

    • The Magik series is so much fun, Ingonyama! I think you’ll dig it! And really, who doesn’t appreciate Sienkiewicz? He’s amazing! I got the Elphaba references even though I haven’t see Wicked, only read the book. And I also love my superheroes with a side of supernatural!

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