Starting in November I will be teaching a doll workshop at Swankety Swank!  Now you can learn how to modify Barbie dolls like the ones I sell on etsy!  You can choose to take one class or all four!  Here’s the syllabus!

Building a Better Doll: Doll Shaman 101

Ready to modify your Barbie? In this class I will teach you how to transform your doll into your own One Of A Kind creation! You will learn how to properly repaint your doll’s face, modify her arms and curl her hair with each of the classes. We are focusing on completing one doll for this workshop but you will need to bring at least three Barbie dolls. Your Barbie dolls need to have long straight hair and plastic arms that are not jointed at the elbows.

A New Face: Removing the factory paint and repainting your Barbie’s face!  Sunday, November 15 3-5pm

Body Sculpting: Learn how to shape your Barbie doll’s arms and hands!  Sunday, November 22 3-5pm

Curls, Curls, Curls: It’s time for a permanent wave!  Sunday, November 29 3-5pm

Getting Dressed: Hand sewing an outfit for your doll!  Sunday, December 6 3-5pm

I’m super excited about this class!  Here are some dolls from my modified doll collection!

Oyanara is looking particularly fierce with her face paint and faux fur sheath dress!


Mother Gatekeeper and her Runechildren pose for a heartwarming family portrait!


Maricopa wears her distressed hair and faux fur outfit proudly as she walks down Divisadero Corridor to go shopping at Swankety Swank!  Be sure to check out all of the classes offered!