Marvel Fanfare Monday was supposed to only run during the month of September, but I simply cannot keep some of these pinups to myself!  Therefore, dear reader, here are four more amazing drawings from Marvel Fanfare!  Enjoy!  As always, click on the images to view them larger.

Clea by Leialoha Marvel Fanfare 45

Clea, lover and disciple of Doctor Strange, as drawn by Steve Leialoha in Marvel Fanfare #45.  Looking a bit bemused or perhaps concerned, Clea flies through the dimensions with grace and beauty (She definitely spends more time on her hair than the rest of us).  I have always loved the circles on her Steve Ditko designed tights.  Her costume is pure geometric perfection and Leialoha has certainly showcased it well in this image.  However, as much as I lam loving Clea, my eye is more drawn to the alligator-like creature floating above her.  That detail, the costume and the hair keep me coming back to this piece again and again.

Nightmare by Mignola Nightmare, ancient enemy of Doctor Strange, by Mike Mignola.  This is the perfect Marvel character match for the creator of Hellboy and B.P.R.D.  Nightmare is serving diabolical times ten with his shadow sunken face, evil grin, and skull collection.  His dilapidated mount only adds to the creepy factor.
Black Bolt & Medusa by Charles Vess Marvel Fanfare #45 Charles Vess paints a lovely portrait of Medusa and Black Bolt, Queen and King respectively, of the Inhumans.  This image is taken from Marvel Fanfare #45, long before the recents calamitous events of the War of Kings event.  Here are happier times, indeed.  Medusa’s billowing hair whipping at the clouds is an amazing design element and I like where Vess chose to place the sun because I see it as illuminating the heart chakras of the characters.  The sun is highlighting their solar plexuses.Magik by Bill Sienkievicz Marvel Fanfare #45 I saved my favorite for last.  This is Magik, little sister to Colossus and member of the New Mutants team (Kinda like Junior X-Men, but lately really stepping up).  Magik is a sorceress in charge of a demon realm which is the nexus of her teleportion powers.  Teleporting is her mutant power.  This image is by the critically acclaimed Bill Sienkievicz from Marvel Fanfare #45.  Go read Elektra: Assassin right now.