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Wolverine Wednesday: Bolton, Battle & Baby Bub!

I was gathering images for my most recent Stormwatch post and kept coming across great artwork of that Canuck scene-stealer Wolverine! It seems to me that ‘ol Logan deservs his own mini-post to highlight some three gems! So here we go!

Cover to X-Men Vignettes Volume 2 by John Bolton Wolverine by John Bolton for the cover of X-Men Vignettes Volume 2.  This is Wolverine at his most dangerous.  his costume is all ripped up from a fight, but his healing factor has taken care of any injuries he sustained.  I love the expression on his face in this image.  He looks like he’s ready to go for round 2!

X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas #1 Ed McGuinness draws the battle between Wolverine and Gorilla Man for the variant cover of  the upcoming X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas written by Jeff Parker!  This Wolverine is more of an adventurer as well as scrapper, matching Gorilla Man for animal intensity!
X-Babies #3 X-Baby Wolverine looks a bit upset about having to deal with any even younger version of himself in this fun cover to X-Babies #3 by Skottie Young!  I don’t know why there are two ‘lil Wolvies, but I’m itchin’ to find out in this mini-series!


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  1. I am lovin’ Scottie Young’s Wolverine! The cover of FIRST CLASS he did with Shadowcat on the rocket and Wolvie in tow was great.

    Those babies are bad-ass too.

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