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Dwayne McDuffie and Paul Pelletier’s run on Fantastic Four was a lot of fun to read. Storm and Black Panther joined the team while Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman left to work on their marriage after Civil War.  Below are two pages from that run which are notable to me because they depict a Storm sensitive to people’s perceptions about her beauty.  Does it ring true to her character?  Does Storm come across as being a bit vain about not wanting to be seen as vain?  Is the whole situation just a gag?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Storm & Thing

Storm & Thing


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  1. Hahaha! The vanity of a goddess

  2. Tristan

    It looks to me like a “knee-slappin” page, made purely for the laugh factor. However, without a broad knowledge of the character, or this particular run, I don’t know how informed my opinion is. I always envision Storm as the stoic woman who can call down the thunda, not one to worry about dinner and her hair.

  3. DAX!

    haha Yes! what a great way to start my sunday…thank you sir!

    Btw, as a HUGE storm fan, i stop by your blog about once a week. i love it!


    • stormantic

      Thanks DAX! I’ve perused your blog as well and find your musings to be very entertaining (you are a busy Diva!). Love your new lightning earrings and Storm makeup! Kudos!

  4. Cassandra

    I took it as being sick of people thinking she is trying to look white by having a weave and light colored eyes and that it wasn’t her real look. Not a question of vanity but authenticity!

    • Cassandra, that was precisely the point I was trying to make. Storm isn’t concerned with her appearance, she’s concerned by accusations by some blacks that her straight, white hair and blue eyes are cosmetic choices to look more acceptable to the mainstream, and not hers by birth. These are charged issues within the black community, and Michel obviously tweaked her about it. Clearly she’s heard it all before.

      • stormantic

        Wow! Thank you all so much for leaving some comments on this post! I especially enjoyed Cassandra’s point and apparently so did the author of the pages i posted! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Dwayne McDuffie put his two cents in and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to respond, Mr. McDuffie! It is an honor to have you on! I realize that you only wrote the first four issues (and edited the whole 30!) but I would be remiss as a fanboy if I did not thank you for your work on Blood Syndicate, a title that had a huge impact on me as a reader! Watching episodes of your Justice League/JLU has been a gateway for my best friend to get into comics and for that alone I am indebted to you! And of course, I really loved your take on Storm during your stint on Fantastic Four! I especially liked it when Storm’s consciousness was able to hold the entity of Eternity! Cheers to you, good sir!

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