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Storm Sunday: Arthur Adams, Part V

Wow.  This is the fifth time I’ve specifically blogged about Arthur Adams.  I hope you will indulge me, dear reader, because I simply cannot get enough of his artwork!

The above image of mohawk Storm is interesting to me due to its depiction of extreme light and shadow.  Storm appears mentally focused on the the flare as it creates a beautiful contrast of light and dark.  I find the three dimensional aspect of this sketch to be amazing.

I chose to share this sketch because Adams has not drawn Storm with the full mohawk he made famous (like the first image), but instead chose to draw a thinner, more subdued mohawk. It reminds me of how Barry Windsor-Smith used to render Storm.  There’s quite a difference in this sketch and the one before it and I’m going to guess and say that this one was first.  I love them both for different reasons.  In the first image, Storm seems intent, focused and her clothes and hair have a lot of tiny Arthur Adams details.  In this one, Storm seems more at ease and her design is a bit more streamlined.  The feathers in the hair are a nice touch.

The interior frontispiece of Classic X-Men #10 shows a young Ororo relaxing before she resumes her adventuring.  This image shows Storm in her natural habitat, full of grace and surrounded by beauty.

This is the original art for the 1991 Marvel Super-Hero trading card.  This is one of the few instances that we see Storm sporting a short cropped hairstyle.  I love Adams’ sleek handling of this costume.  However, I prefer Storm with a long mane.  It’s more dynamic with her power set.


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  1. Scarlett

    I heard that her mohawk was a joke… what a pity in a sense.. how can they do this to Storm? but what they did great was her personnality! I love how she grew stronger!! and I absolutely love how she kicked Cyclops butt without her powers!!! haha!!!

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