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Storm Sunday: Michael Turner

This Sunday, I’d like to look at some images drawn by the late Michael Turner, who passed away last month from cancer at the young age of 37. Turner is best know for his work on Witchblade, Fathom and various covers for Marvel and DC Comics (such as Brad Meltzer & Rags Morales’ Identity Crisis mini-series). Comic Book Resources has a lovely eulogy here.

Storm fights a clone (Yes, it is every bit as bad as it sounds) of Thor in this Black Panther: Civil War tie-in issue. If this had been the real Thor, Ororo would still have been outmatched. Mutant versus God? Uh, yeah. Besides, Thor can just summon as much lightning and weather as he wants simply by force. Storm has to work with the powers of nature to bend them to her will. She knows that when she alters the climate of one area it affects another just as much. I don’t see Thor really concerning himself with that kind of thing. Besides, how’s Storm gonna argue with Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer)? There’s not much one can do to dodge the enchanted uru.
More Civil War crossover madness. From left to right we have Invisible Woman, Captain America, Black Panther, Storm, Falcon, and Tigra.


Storm and Black Panther join the Fantastic Four for a brief time (too brief, methinks) under the pen of writer Dwayne McDuffie.

I have to admit if Turner hadn’t passed away, I probably woudn’t have blogged about his version of Storm. Sometimes I really like his take on certain characters and other times I’m left cold. His stylistic anatomy is problematic (torsos go on and on) and backgrounds are usually nonexistent. I was really frustrated that Rags Morales didn’t get to draw the covers for Identity Crisis since I thought Morales’ art conveyed character in ways that Turner’s covers never have for me. However, I do think Turner’s art has pizazz. There’s an electric sexiness that emanates from his work that’s hard to quantify, but you can feel it when you look at it. This is most evident in his creator owned work (like Fathom) from Aspen comics. Sadly, what we have now is all we’re going to get from Turner. It’s time to remember a comics superstar for what he brought to the table and not what we wish he had done differently. Thanks, Michael, for bringing some zing back to comics!


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  1. jon

    yeah, pretty sad to learn of his passing. the storm art is way cool! good thing she’s back with the x-team.

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