I began this blog with an image of Storm by John Bolton and I think it only fitting that I feature his work on the Sunday before my birthday this Tuesday!  My first X-Men comic was Classic X-Men #3 and it included a backup story written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Bolton that simply blew me away.  His style was so radically different from any other superhero work I had seen.  For lack of a better term, the characters and scenes seemed more realistic.  There is an emotional urgency and fragility that pervades his work.  I  think it helps immensely that Claremont’s backup stories are smaller in scope, containing hidden moments in the lives of the X-Men that really suit Bolton’s deceptively simple approach to linework (You’ll notice that every line is working for the narrative, no unnecessary cross-hatching here, folks).  I find his costume design to be rather elegant as well.  My favorite aspect of his art is how Bolton captures the entire emotional spectrum in his character’s reactions.

bolton-classic-xmenI wanted to represent some pencils of Storm by John Bolton (top image) as well as a page from Classic X-Men (above) and a convention sketch (below) to show you his always top notch artistry.  Each of these images really captures the grace and grandeur that is Ororo Munroe.

Bolton-StormSketchI like how Storm’s limbs are elongated here.  She looks almost like a pixie (the vengeful kind, not the Disney kind).  One more thing:  John Bolton always gets the tiara right, no matter the angle *grin*.