3805049523_1d1620a393_bThis week’s pinup is ripped from the pages of Marvel Fanfare #23 and is drawn by Ken Steacy!  Storm is the epitome of severe style in this image, sporting a sliver of hair and some rather dangerous nails (I think this is the first time I’ve seen Ororo drawn with claws more befitting  Tigra or Catwoman).  I also think this is the first time that an artist imagined Storm in the salon where she got her hair cut.  Although this image tells a wonderful story, there’s no way that this is how it happened in the comics.  This looks like a very American salon and Storm was in Japan when she changed her look.  Also, conceptually I think it is smart to have a framed photo of Storm on the wall to compare and contrast with the makeover, but there’s no way the salon just happened to have a framed photo of her on their wall.  However, it works because Steacy didn’t simply leave the picture framed on the wall, he drew it broken with cracks in the wall and bits of broken glass on the ground.  The scissors flying down at an angle on the wallpaper really work for me as a design element because they speak to the action of what has happened.  This implied violence is in direct opposition of having Storm nonchalantly relaxing on the seat (not actually in it).  However, I have a hard time believing that Storm would eat fast food, even just a soda.  But overall, the whole scenario gives the character a sense of naughty fun that certainly captures the influence that Storm was getting at this time in the comics from Yukio.  All in all, this a lovely portrait of Storm, speaking volumes about the character and the times in which she was being written (1985).