So, I’m still reeling from my first San Francisco PRIDE Weekend and now everything I look at has a prismatic glow to it. In honor of this life-changing event, I’d like to share some comic images that I’ve come across that seemed pretty gay to me. They’re kinda tame by some folks standards, but I’m warning you now that the image drawn by Amanda Conner might not be safe for work or whatever.
First we start off with a pretty in pink Star Wars trinity. Isn’t Darth Maul cuh-yute?
And this is supposed to be Angel and Xander (you know, from Buffy).
Batman and Superman have a moment. Just breaks my heart. Alfred is so supportive, isn’t he?
And another Superman and Batman moment, with a bit more hanky panky. You gotta love Amanda Conner. She is a force of awesome unto herself!
And for good measure, here’s Northstar, Marvel’s very own pointy eared French-Canadian mutant homosexual. He makes everything gayer, even without his crazy twin sister, Aurora.