The above image is a pinup from a Marvel Fanfare issue by Bret Blevins (artist on The New Mutants from 1987 – 1989). I love the quiescent mood he’s established with this piece. Storm has taken off her gloves to hold a dove, finding a moment of peace for just a moment as the moon bears witness. I enjoy the kinetic elasticity of Blevins’ characters (especially when he draws Magik). The features of his characters are more elongated and exaggerated, like one would more normally find in animation.  I remember receiving the cover of The Uncanny X-Men #219 in the mail and kind of freaking out about the cover.  The X-Men looked so crazy, like evil crazy.  The issue tells a story from Havok’s point of view and has a very “what is real?” and “what memories of mine are true?” kind of vibe (Psylocke, under Storm’s orders, erases Havok’s mind to protect the secret that they aren’t really dead like the world, at the time, believes).  Blevin’s exaggerated bodies and and facial expressions really enhanced the mind trip aspect of the reading experience for me.  You can check out what Bret has been up to recently on his blog, where he showcases many of his sketches from life model drawing. 

Here’s the same image in its gigantic scanned glory in case  you want to add it as your wallpaper.  I think it’s a lovely image that really captures the earth goddess aspect of Ororo.