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Stormwatch: Phil Jimenez to draw 5 issues of Astonishing X-Men!

phil jiminez xmen

Marvel has announced that superstar artist Phil Jimenez will be drawing Astonishing X-Men for five issues!  I am soooo excited!  If anyone loves Storm as much as I do it’s Phil Jimenez (If we’re going to split hairs about it, then yes, Patrick Fillion loves Ororo just as much, too)!  Just from that tiny promotional piece, I can tell that we’re in for a treat!  I love how Phil has streamlined much of Storm’s costume and given Hisako (Armor) a better hairstyle (“Cause that’s what’s really important, folks–superhero fashion)!  The overwrought tiara actually works.  I’m really surprised that I’m into it as it deviates so much from Dave Cockrum’s design, but I’m digging it.  Cannot wait for this arc!


And now for some Where’s Waldo fun!  Here’s the cover for X-Men: Legacy Annual #1 by writer Mike Carey and artist Daniel Acuña.  Where in San Francisco is Queen Ororo Iqadi T’Challa, née Munroe?


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  1. So I’m guessing from the Astonishing cover that Emma and Scott work their stuff out.

    I’m quite looking forward to the new Legacy run, with my personal Ororo…Rogue! (though I do wish that Acuna was going to be the interior artist…I *adore* his work)

    • stormantic

      I didn’t know that Rogue was your favorite, Cynjon! That is awesome! I think you’ll be really happy with Mike Carey turning the Legacy book into her showcase! Should be interesting to see what Cyclops’ plans for her are and how she follows (or subverts?) them!

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