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Storm Sunday: True Romance


Ororo and her husband T’Challa unite in a passionate embrace!  I would love to credit the artist but I don’t know who drew this image!  Drop me a comment if you do!


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  1. I want to know who created that too, because if it’s true passion you’re looking for, that single shot is it.

    (by the way, Storm, this is David. The short little Filipino dude. I told you last week at the Geoff Johns event that I followed you and I would comment.)

    • stormantic

      Yay!!! Thanks for posting! It was great to see you at the Geoff Johns event! Cheers!

  2. pg

    Hey Storm, speaking of x-men romance, this got posted on very serious today and I thought maybe you could clear up a detail for me:

    Now according to this chart (I’m relying on Jake’s word here because I can barely read it) there was some kind of romance between Ororo and Cable. That’s messed up! We were both out of comics for years from like 90-whenever What’s the explanation?

    • stormantic

      Hey Hey, thanks for your Question….To the best of my recollection, Storm & Cable had a mild flirtation in Storm’s Mini-Series (self-titled, 4 issues) written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Terry Dodson. They didn’t really date, but there seemed to be a clear fascination with Storm by Cable. I chose to read it as two teammates who simply cared a lot about each other, no different than Storm and Gambit.

  3. Fyxe

    Ugh, I hate that they married her to BP and I’m trying hard to ignore all pictures with those two together.
    Storm and Cable has just, as you said, a slight flirt and nothing more. Definitely not as deep contact as she share with Gambit 🙂

  4. Ororo Oxendine

    i love this picture!!! I am writing a storm comic myself

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