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Storm Sunday: Sana Takeda

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Sana Takeda first came to my attention when she drew a Nehzno story for X-Men Divided featuring Black Panther & Storm.  I blogged about it here.  Sana has the pages on his site here.  I loved her fluid lines and the slick look she brings to costumes.  My friend Ken Kneisel showed me these amazing fashion images from VOGUE NIPPON featuring Jean Grey, Storm and Rogue and I had to share them as well!  They are so beautiful!  Seriously, her dramatic representation of Jean Grey makes me miss the former Marvel Girl and wish she wasn’t dead.


Especially this image.  Those eyes, those gestures, the jewelry, the skintight bodysuit.  That’s a telepathic/telekinetic fashionista powerhouse right there, folks!  If and when Jean does come back, let’s let Takeda draw her return and we’ll have a smokin’ (pun intended) Phoenix for sure!  Oh, and  more X-Men fashion shoots please!  That’s the kind of crossover I can get behind!


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  1. astrangerhere

    For the record, Takeda-san is a woman. She lives and works out of Tokyo. She also fully illustrated Drain, and is currently the cover artist and actual artist for the alternating issues of Ms. Marvel.

  2. stormantic

    Dear astrangerheree,

    Thank you for taking the time to send me this information! I have corrected all of the pronouns accordingly! I am reading Ms. Marvel and love Takeda’s art! I will have to check out Drain!

    Thanks again!

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