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Avril Lavigne = Magik?

Magik as drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz

I realize it’s so not new right now, but I was just watching Avril Lavigne’s video for her single “Hot” from her last album “The Best Damn Thing” and there’s a fashion alter ego of hers that reminds me of Illyana Rasputin aka Magik, the teleporting demon sorceress from The New Mutants (you know, Colossus’ little sister). Watch it and let me know if you agree.


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  1. mintghost


  2. P.H.

    I wouldn’t say Avril’s hairstyle is like Magik because Illyana’s hair slightly varies depending who’s drawing her, although I kind of liked her better without the bangs.

    • stormantic

      It is true that a character’s look varies widely among the artists that depict them, but I cannot think of any times that Illyana did not have bangs. I’ll have to pull out some comics later and see how her look has changed over the years. I think the bangs give Magik an edge. The sharp line of her bangs parallels the ends of her hair nicely (Especially when it is drawn by Sienkiewicz who adds some thickness to the ink). It’s a dynamic style that contrasts with the elliptical shapes of her stepping discs.

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