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Storm Sunday: Dan Brereton

Nobody brings the spooky and the sexy the way Dan Brereton can! This image of Storm and Rogue from their punk rock days is a true gem!  Those eyes!  Those curves!  Those amazing eyebrows that go on forever!  Okay, I have to admit, I love Dan’s work.  There’s just something simultaneously ethereal and hard-edged about his lush paintings.  His characters have a strong presence that feels both realistic and animated to me.  Rogue looks like she’s ready to fly out of the picture and throw you around (And who would mind, really?).


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Storm Sunday: Bathing Suit Bridal Edition


  1. pg

    Rogue looks a little too malicious though, almost like Cruella DeVille. Also, she should at least be wearing two belts.

  2. fritch1134

    It looks like Storm is making the shape of a heart with her fingers (at me).

  3. stormantic

    Hey pg, thanks for commenting! One of the things I like about Brereton’s women is that they all look a bit devilish. So, yeah, I get what you mean about the Cruella DeVille aspect.

    IIRC, Rogue usually wore two belts with the green halter top and bikini over the black bodysuit. She was less inclined to belt it up with the bathing suit costume.

    fritch1134, Storm is *definitely* making heart shapes at you!

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