Toronto based illustrator and comic book artist J. Bone is one of the nicest people you can imagine meeting!  I follow his blogs Blah Blah Blog! and Man’s Adventure as much as possible and was overjoyed to find that he had sketched Storm and Loki!  Currently he draws the covers for DC Super Friends and boy, do they rock!  His Storm sketch is so cuddly and cute as she cradles her cloud of rain.  I love the circular face and how her cape billows out in a bell shape below (Whoa, that is a lot of alliteration!  Even for me!).  Her curvy hips and one foot in front of another stance is nice, but I think it’s how her eyes and lips are drawn that makes this sketch a J. Bone original.  And you know my favorite thing?  He didn’t skimp on the hair.  It’s way below her hips!
Loki_j bone
Here Loki reclines in sassy heels, plotting machinations to offset her supreme boredom. Or at least that’s how I see it.  The horns and gauntlets are great touches (Loki’s horns are just as important a character detail as Storm’s tiara and of course, J. gets them both perfectly) and I love the overall posture of this figure.  She looks simply diabolical!

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