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Storm Sunday: Bathing Suit Bridal Edition

7026-storm_400Ah, Forge, what did we ever see in you?  Mutant with the power to invent anything (nicknamed “Maker”) so he’s super technologically advanced.  He also has sorcerous abilities that are tied to his Cheyenne bloodline, but he hardly ever uses them due to a mishap in Vietnam (He conjured some demons but it cost the souls of his fellow soldiers which is why the Outback X-Men had to “die.”)

Currently, Forge is causing trouble in Astonishing X-Men where he may be behind some kind of inane tomfoolery, which given his past track record of making mutant power nullifiers for the government and mucking around with time machines is a logical progression of his personal narrative.  I miss the days when he and Banshee were hanging out together and trying to find all of the X-Men who went through the Siege Perilous.  That was a bromance I could get behind.

So, here’s Storm in all of her sex kitten finery, chewing on her sun glasses for Forge.  I think I’m just going to pretend it’s Mystique pretending to be Storm and leave it at that.

82384-storm_400Marc Silvestri brings the curves for Marvel’s Swimsuit Edition (Anyone know the year?).  I love the crinkled hair and the parrot the most, but Silvestri’s Storm has always been a favorite of mine.  He draws the eyebrows high and draws the double lines on the outside of the eyes that many artists forget to add.

NoviasDeSetI saved the ridiculous for last.  Forget the controversy of Storm’s marriage to Black Panther!  This Deviant guy Ghaur kidnaps seven of Marvel’s (then) superstar ladies to marry them off to Set, Egyptian god of (in the Marvel world) evil.  From left to right, we have Jean Grey (Wearing her X-Factor costume), The Invisible Woman, Andromeda (her inclusion always puzzled me.  She’s an Atlantean warrior who adventured with The Defenders just long enough to die with most of them when their series got cancelled, but she was kind of a cypher character and besides, the one leg pantsuit is so bad), She-Hulk (barefoot, of course), Storm, the Scarlet Witch and Dagger (of Cloak and…).  Quite a crew, eh?  Of course, no one gets really married to Set, but it seemed at the time that Marvel had chosen their favorite female heroes and these were it.  I found the grouping to be odd.  Where’s Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel at the time)?  They are a rather colorful bunch though.  An alternate story in an issue of What If? explores this story if Set had won.


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  1. Ken Kneisel

    “Marc Silvestri brings the curves for Marvel’s Swimsuit Edition (Anyone know the year?)”

    You know I do! That would be 1992. It was officially the first “Marvel Swimsuit Special” although there was one the year before in 1991 with a She-Hulk cover by Brian Stelfreeze but that one was titled “Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Issue”.

    I’m really curious how Storm and Forge will interact in Astonishing X-Men. Usually when they meet up it seems like they always call back to their previous romance, but now Storm is married to Black Panther so that might be awkward. Especially considering Forge once proposed to Ororo and she said no (or maybe she took too long to get back to him or something?) so he ran away and wound up with Mystique.

    I totally remember the Seven Brides of Set. I wonder who they would select as their top seven female characters if they did that story today. I guess it would be Storm, Emma Frost, Ms Marvel, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman and… I’m drawing a blank for the last two.

    • stormantic

      Thanks, Ken! I should have known you would chime in with the info I lacked! Thanks so much!

  2. stormantic

    As for the last two women for a modern day Brides of Set, I think She-Hulk and Scarlet Witch have lost their status these days (sad face) but Marvel is lacking strong front and center women…. maybe Black Widow or Dazzler?

    If Set was smart he’d get himself the newly female Loki and work that out! LOL

  3. Great post. Too funny and so true! I’ve always wanted to see a 70’s/80’s female team of Storm, Phoenix, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel and She Hulk, all in their classic looks, of course.

  4. Ingonyama

    The X-Men have enough awesome female characters to make their own Seven Brides.

    Storm, Emma Frost, Psylocke, Phoenix, Polaris, Rogue, and Dazzler would be my first choice for an all-X-Women team.

    I can already hear Storm and Emma good-naturedly bitching each other out over the leadership title while Jean becomes second-in-command, in two different ways. Either Jean and Rogue rebel against Emma’s authority, or she and Storm form an unstoppable Captain Picard-Commander Riker synergy of authority while Emma sits back and snarks, sipping champagne and trading insults with Storm, Jean, and Betsy.

    In the larger MU, really strong female characters are harder to find. That makes me sad. The only ones I can think of are She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, and possibly Black Widow, depending on the writer. That said, migrating Storm, Jean, and Emma into this would complete the “Seven Brides” set, and give Set no small amount of grief.

    (I’m also incredibly fond of the idea of a female Loki working her way into this somehow just to f*** with everyone, but I’ve always been fonder of the idea of Loki-as-trickster, rather than Loki-as-supervillain.)

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