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My First Podcast


I was floored when Tim Young of Deconstructing Comics emailed me and asked me to be on a guest on his podcast. I don’t even have a comic book yet, I protested.  I’m really interested in your artistic process, he insisted.  So here we are a couple of weeks later and my first podcast interview is up!  We talk about Writers Old Fashioned, Princess Witch Boy, Prism Comics, Heroes Initiative, WonderCon and why I’m not really into Cyclops.  Enjoy!

Above, Lilandra Nermani learns that she’ll need more than a force field bubble to interview Black Bolt for her Royal Sh’iar Podcast.


Isotope Presents “A Star Trek Mother’s Day”


Storm Sunday: Terry Austin


  1. Ken Kneisel

    And he used the awesome FCBD sketch of Storm and Emma you did for me! Cool!

    Listening now…

  2. Great podcast STORM! Cyclops is a bitch. I will always have your back on that.

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