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Storm Sunday: Bits & Pieces

xmforev_01cov_colv2Above we have an image drawn by Tom Grummett for Chris Claremont’s new X-Men series, X-Men Forever.  This series will pick up from X-Men #3 (18 years ago) when Claremont was forced off the title. It’s basically an alternate reality series.  I am looking forward to seeing what Claremont does with the characters, especially Storm and Gambit.  Now here’s a bunch of internet links relating to Storm and the X-Men!  Enjoy!

Supercute Mini Marvels & Tiny Titans X-Over by Chris Giarrusso & Art Baltazar!

X-Men Chibis?!?

A gorgeous rendition of the 90s X-Men era plus the White Queen by chriss2d.  Eye-popping mutant goodness!

Fred Hembeck‘s All-New, All-Different crew, X-Men baddies, and Mohawk Storm! And one more All-New, All-Different crew.  His versions of Dr. Strange and the original Avengers are also really fun!  


More Tom Grummet X-Men Forever art.  I expect to see a lot of Kitty Pryde in this comic.  Judging by this cover, I do not think I will be disappointed.

Paul Abrams’ pencils Storm and boy, howdy, does she look sensuous!

Storm and Nightcrawler commission by Chris Batista.

It’s a little messed up that I kinda want one of these.  I do NOT want one of these.

And I really love this statue of Storm, but it’s disappointing how her legs are cut off.  The top half is so cool with her arms thrown up like that.

Rafael Kayanan draws a sweet Thunderbird (the original).  Check out his gallery for more goodness!

I had this doll of Storm.  It was great to have an official Storm doll, but she looks positively crone-like.  Too much, folks.  

DragonCon yields a gorgeous Storm cosplayer.

And, finally, a very Sex & the City version of three mutant ladies.


The Isotope Presents: A Star Trek Mother’s Day


Isotope Presents “A Star Trek Mother’s Day”


  1. Ken Kneisel

    Here’s another super cute chibi Storm that I saw the other day and thought of you.

    The Mini Marvel X-Men and New Tiny Titans crossover cover is very cute!

    I love the 90s X-Men plus White Queen illo! It makes perfect sense that Emma would be there too, considering that she played a prominent role in Uncanny X-Men #281, which is where we got the first glimpse of her eventual reformation when she invited the X-Men to the Hellfire Club to propose a truce and team-up against the Upstarts who threatened them both.

  2. stormantic

    I loooooove that chibi, Ken! It is amazing! I thought you might like that White Queen drawing! 🙂

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