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Angie Suki Divine, STORM & Yabette serve it up Triple Goddess style in front of the older Swankety Swank location before they leave for a Supper Club performance on January 31, 2009.  This is one of the only pictures of STORM & Yabette from that evening because before their performance, cameras and video cameras ceased to work.  There are no technological recordings of their spell.  If you click on this photo, be sure to look at it in its original super-gigantic size.  Only then will you truly appreciate the level of craft that went into these designs!

Angie Suki Divine brandishes a pirate ensemble fashioned by her own hand, STORM embodies a Yabette original that they co-designed, and Yabette is adorned in a piece she created specifically for the performance!  Photo by Alex.

Come on down to 289 Divisadero (at Haight) for handmade clothing, dolls and art (and orchids!) by local San Francisco artists and meet the amazing Yabette in person!

My Ex Girlfriend Dumped Me Acting Jealous