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The 2nd “Wolverine & The X-Men” Trailer

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Now THIS looks exciting! All of my fears about Storm being a no-show are gone and I think this may be my favorite cartoon incarnation of our lovely weather goddess ever! I dunno yet, tho. Won’t know until I hear her voice actor. And how ’bout that roundhouse kick that Shadowcat shows off after phasing through some guy? Sweet! I’m a big fan of the lineup overall, although I wish there was one more female character (maybe Rogue will eventually join?). Feels like a good blend of the original five (sorry, Jean *snif*) and the All-New, All-Different crew (sorry, Banshee *cries*). It’s also nice to see Emma Frost immortalized in cartoon form as a heroine. She had a small cameo in the very first X-Men cartoon movie “Pryde of the X-Men,” but she looked pretty bad. I mean, well, everyone did. This, however, looks amazing! I am going to have to fight for a seat at San Diego to see it!


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  1. CGeezy

    OMG another Storm Lover, I’m so glad I found this site. To the post, I will say I have seen the whole season and Storm has her own episode feature in Africa, but basically thats it. She pops up here and there, but for the most part, It mainly deals with Wolverine and Professor X. I think they will have a second season though, which may have more storm included.

    • stormantic

      Yes, we love Storm around here! She’s the best! I did get to see the episode that you mentioned and it was fun, but the Storm I know would never have been possessed so easily by the Shadow King. I know I’m being very fanboy nerdy here, but it was too quick and it made the story all about what a badass Emma Frost is. Storm spent the whole episode flipping out of control and being possessed. She didn’t overcome anything by herself, being reduced to the “damsel in distress” for entire episode. Not how I wanted her portrayed. I wanted a story that showed us her leadership abilities, her empathy for all living things and the grandeur of her elemental fury as a benevolent and life-giving power (as opposed to the reckless destruction the cartoon highlighted). I do hope that these things are touched on in the second season. At least I am very satisfied with her character design. Love the big hair, especially. The costume is modern with nods to her fashion history.

  2. CGeezy

    I agree with you 100 percent, about the episode. It seems that the strength that storm has in the comics, does’nt translate onto the cartoons. Even in the older 90’s cartoon, where storm was more visible, she was still very week, usually subcomming(sp) to one shot/beam/hit/attack. I’m more of a fan of the storm created in Ultimate X-Men, she’s strong, independent, and her outfit is beat to the gods!! And lets not start on the AOA crop cut, beat!

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