Yesterday I worked at Isotope for Free Comic Book Day!  It was a busy day full of people passionate about comics!  Our featured comics creator, Basie S. was on hand for most of the day drawing for his adoring fans.  He was kind enough to draw me Storm (of course) and after I showed him an issue of Madman, he drew Mike Allred’s creation for me!  After Basie S. left, it was somehow decided that I would sit at the drawing board and take requests for drawings (I’m pretty sure it was James’s idea).  Please keep in mind I had never drawn these characters before, but it was really fun to try to capture them on paper.  It was also cool to learn about which characters people are really into.  It all started with a request for the Juggernaut and then snowballed from there.  

Hero Mash Up for JamesHere I am drawing a picture for James Sime that includes U Go Girl, Mr. Sensitive, Judge Andersen, and Wonder Woman.  Whew!

photo-1Apologies to Adrian Tomine, but Reese wanted me to draw this picture of two men at the urinal.   This one was really challenging, because the whole image relies on the discomfort on the younger guy’s face.  

photo-3I drew Jesse Custer from Preacher for Kirsten Baldock.  This one was really fun to draw, probably because he’s so damn sexy.

photo-4 Isotope regular Ben Nathan requested a posse of cigar smoking characters that included Hellboy, Nick Fury, Fear Agent & the Thing.  That’s supposed to be Jack Kirby floating above them all.  I had no idea Fear Agent was so handsome.  He is definitely my favorite from this image.  
Emma & Ororo Trade OutfitsThe last sketch of the evening went to Ken Kneisel, perhaps the most dedicated Emma Frost fan that I know.  We originally thought we’d like to see Storm and Emma shopping for corsets together.  But then we remembered this funny drawing John Byrne did of Ms. Marvel and Storm and we reworked it for our girls.  The title refers to the cover of Uncanny X-Men #152 where Emma switches bodies with Storm.  I gave Storm the kind of hair I’d like to see her with all of the time (Much like Dave Cockrum and John Byrne did back in the day).  Thanks to everyone who came out to Free Comic Book Day!  I had a blast!