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Storm Sunday: John Romita

I’ve decided I am going to declare Sundays as Official Storm Art day! I’ll be digging into my hoard of pics of my namesake and sharing them with you all at the start of each week!

Last week we had a beautiful rendition by John Bolton and this week’s amazing linework is none other than the master John Romita! I actually like how short he made Storm’s cape in this piece. It just seems to work with how bubbly and curvy he’s made her hair and body.


Hair Apparent (or Bald Again, Naturally)


Avril Lavigne = Magik?

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  1. You did a good job. Storm is my idol since I am like 14 years old or younger. I used to do a Storm website, titled Storm Xpress. But after it was hacked and etc, I cant bring it all back. Haiz….anyway love to all Storm’s fans out there. Storm rules the Marvel universe.

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