On March 27th ye olde Isotope gang and and extended family visited Amnesia to see the amazing Betty Bloomerz & the Squidling Brothers Sideshow!  Boy, howdy, was it ever so much fun!  3392145741_ebdc3bb7cf_bSo, there’s this part where Jellyboy (that’s him in the picture with yours truly) has people come up on stage and he invites you to staple dollar bills to his body–with a staple gun!  Certain areas of the body come with a higher price tag, of course.  Ya know, I’ve used a staple gun a lot in my time, especially when I was an art student and I had to make my own canvases, and I was always really careful not to staple my fingers. It was kind of a fear of mine.  The idea of stapling other parts of my body never occured to me.  And when I found out what the game was at Amnesia that night, well, I was the first one to start the ball rolling.  Yes, I look a bit intense in that picture above, but I was just trying to wrap my mind around it, really.  But did I enjoy it?


Well, maybe a little.  I do look a bit triumphant, don’t I?  I mean, come on, it’s not whether or not I’m sadistic, it’s whether or not these clowns are masochists!  Anyway, it was part of the show.  It’s how these clowns make their money!  The show must go on!  And someone’s gotta get paid!   

Oh yeah, isn’t Jellyboy the cutest in his pink tutu and fishnet tights?  

Pictures taken by CHUNK.