A few years ago, I had a dream about a certain kind of hairstyle where I continued to shave my head, but kept a lock of hair in a circle at the back of my head (the place where they plug in your Matrix cord). I kept my head covered in headwraps for a year or so until the lock was long enough to show off. It reminded me of the locks Ancient Egyptian children had (except theirs was on the side of the skull), but as years passed, I found out that many cultures had a similar hairstyle (some called it a sitka, a queue, etc.). It seems my intention about being “an Egyptian slave boy to the universe” was similarly aligned with ancient cultural representations of priests and priestesses. What I thought was a dream might have been some kind collective consciousness.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been having dreams about cutting my hair. It was the same dream over and over in which I took a pair of scissors to the ten or so inches of hair that I’ve carefully shaved around, conditioned and braided for so long. And today, when everyone else was out of the house, I lit some sage, consulted some cards, made one phone call (thanks, Cat!) and then I cut it off. It took me a long time to shave the area as I chose to use a hand held razor and not the clippers, but it was a joyous time in the old bathroom! It feels great to be completely bald again! I don’t know how much they say about hair holding onto one’s memories is true or not, but my mind certainly feels lighter. Now I can show off my pharaoh-bound head in all its glory without the distraction of that small patch of hair. Besides, there’s always wigs! No pictures of my shiny dome yet, but here’s one that you can appreciate in the meantime. Cute, ain’t he?